Get your Heart Stickers, Heart T-Shirts, Love My State Merchandise, Green Gifts

We offer our services on designing stickers and T-shirts, along with each and every part that relates to an American’s heart.

We have great scope of arts that resembles the true spirit of the nation. All the states are our tremendous assets and we are the heart of the same. We design our stickers in the heart of states and we truly show our spirit in the form of unity that’s being shown to the world.,  as the name itself proves the glory in serving our citizens in textile or custom designing approach.

One sticker at a time, is providing people with symbols that express love for their home. When you say, “My Heart is here.“, you are saying, “This is my home. This is my community.” Select your home from the map to purchase your Heart Sticker.

Community involvement is a very powerful ‘Green’ activity. The term ‘Green’ Living indicates our conscious intention to honor and care for the Earth. Our goal is to help people identify and proclaim the places on this Earth that they love. To discover and participate in how we support community, visit our Community page.

Our first design was Heart In Oregon and it has become the symbol of Oregonians. You cannot drive down any city street without seeing a Heart In Oregon sticker on a vehicle. Heart In Oregon was created with the intent to support and develop community. It started as one man’s dream and became a line of stickers that build a renewed sense of community, generate regional pride and are an inspiration to everyone who sees them.

Our ‘Heart In’ line of stickers has been picked up by retail outlets in California, Texas, Vermont, New Hampshire and Colorado. If you know of a retail store that should carry our stickers, let us know.

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  1. Eric Zeitner

     /  November 1, 2010

    “TX” in medical terms means “transplant”, So the Texas shirt could mean “heart transplant”. Pretty cool I think since my son got a new heart September 09. Greyson is 2 and is doing fantastic.

  2. I love these Heart Stickers and I have seen all of them. By getting these stickers one can show there love for their state. I have it.


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