If you LOVE your Nation, then Show that—>

It was magical. Everywhere you looked there were ♥ stickers. Everyone was united in every state.

At Heart Sticker, over 5000 ♥ stickers were given out.

And at other concerts all over Portland, Oregon USA, people always asked me,

“What are the ♥s all about?”
“What do they mean?”
“What does it stand for?”

They mean love, I guess.

They’re just there to remind US, to unite US, to love US, and to love each other.

And now, it’s time for showing the love to your country and your state with a ♥ sticker.

There will be hearts everywhere! On notebooks, in diaries, on cameras, on mirrors, and cars, cellphones, light posts, walls, street signs.


Be a part of this valuable and precious survey conducted by Heart Sticker.

Here you go: ♥ sticker

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