What is a Heart Sticker?

What is a Heart Sticker?

The Heart Stickers themselves are just stickers.  Simple designs, the shape of a state with a heart inside of it.  The  Oregon stickers were simply created by saying, “My heart is in Oregon.”  The same can be said for Washington, California, Florida, Montana and so on.  This part was simple.

What do Heart Stickers mean?

I love it here!  Here can be the place where my home is, a place I’m visiting, or a place I long to be.

What unexpected has happened?

Community.  I have many examples of community that has evolved out of Heart in Oregon.  Folks with flat tires and others stopping to help because of the Heart in Oregon sticker.  People far from home feeling closer to home when they meet others with patches on their backpacks.  The simple shape of a state with  heart in combination with a person representing it means others may approach and of anything start that conversation.

Ultimately Hearts tickers are:

Just stickers.  But the magic is in the people who display and look and gain a feeling from them.

Follow your heart it will lead you home.


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