Heart In Texas

The heart sticker design of the heart in Texas is originated as the shape of Texas with the Texas state flag heart.  In contrast to one of our earlier designs, I felt this was relatively easy as I identified the passion of people belonging to Texas.

So what exactly do Texans love about Texas? Well, on a recent layover in DFW, I polled several locals. 

Me: “What is your favorite thing about Texas?

The #1 answer was: “The weather”. Wow! Interesting enough! Yet, the most disagreed answer was again “The weather”.

I’m not sure what folks love about Texas weather but I did conclude what they did not like- when it’s hot, it’s hot as hell and when it cold, it’s as cold as ice. Fair enough!

The other popular responses I heard were, this is home, family, and the Dallas cowboys.

One interesting note to make about DFW – Dallas Fort Worth airport is.  It’s huge.  I was told it is 24 square miles and has a heavy running through the center of it.  All I can say is, I’m glad i was not in a rush to get to my plane.  The rail system took much longer than I expected and I was constantly wondering if I should get off at terminal c1-20 or c21-39. Overall, I managed to figure out one thing that is common to every state’s citizen and that is the love and compassion they hold for their state. Be it for home, people, friends or just places. Well, same goes for Texans in Texas.

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