Heart In Idaho

Since my first visit to Idaho,I was fond of the beautiful wilderness.  Heart in Idaho is simple state shape with a red gem cut shaped heart.  I chose this design because Idaho is the gem state and the state gem is the ruby garnet, hence the ruby red garnet gem cut heart.

The first round of design, the state was brown because in the hot, Idaho is mostly high desert with unforgiving heat and rough rocky landscape.  Brown really demonstrated this feeling but it did not lend well to the design.  So we lost the brown and it really makes the heart pop out now.

The town of tensed while in the 90s I drove from Moscow, ID to cout’ d’ Alene for some swimming in the lake.  While on the way, we passed through a town called Tensed.  I found the name to be interesting, almost comical. I joked,”Hey, I’m In Tensed,” then “Past Tensed.” and so on. As chance has it, I met a Idahoan who set me straight on the story of Tensed.

Down the highway from Tenses, there is a town named De Smet named for a priest who was special in the area.  However, there was another town that wanted the same name.  So they settled on naming their town De Smet backwards, Temsed. When they submitted the name to the county recorder, he mistook them for an ‘n’ and ever since it has been named the town of Tensed.

If you want a rough wilderness, Idaho is your place.

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