We love USA altogether!

The Heart Sticker logos in the most simplistic descriptions are community identification of people who love their place and in particular the state they live in.   A heart in Oregon represents the community of people who love Oregon.  Those people are either residing in Oregon or not.

Every place has people who love that place for one reason or many.  Our designs give that community the ability to recognize, meet and discuss what they love about the place.  And it is from this stage where the real magic begins.  It is our belief that the more people who love a place will discuss what they love about this region or what makes them a group of people of this place, good for them.  And ultimately better for all of us.

So, again, Heart Stickers identify the community of people who love: Oregon, Washington, California, Texas, Rhode Island, Maine, etc, etc.  Then all those places together make up of one map and that is United States.  It is the bottom up approach to continue to strengthening our nation. The emphasis is on the communities from the smallest groups to larger ones.

Based on this model, a state with a custom designed heart, we are making our best educated guess at creating a local and appropriate design.  This is hard.  Here are few reasons:

1. I am an Oregonian particularly and not a Texan, Floridian, or anything else.  We simply do not have the local knowledge that individual citizens do.  But we do our research and do our best.

2. Some of our states are so large, so diverse, and have so much population that to have just one unifying symbol is a challenge.  An example is Northern California is very different from Southern California.  And then in our research, we discovered there is the Central Valley and Central Coast of California.  And as you would expect, the needs and culture of each of these places vary as much as the weather, landscape, occupations, and culture.

But, we as an organization and I as an individual will do our best job, we will invite mistakes and failures, make adjustments till we find the best one that we can. So, it’s about us doing a good enough job to help the communities have identification so that they can find each other and start talking about the place they love.  Because when a community interacts, it is always a global connection!

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