Founder of the HeartSticker Revolution

Christopher Bucci began this journey in Oregon, where he drew a heart inside the shape of the state on a napkin. It symbolized that his heart was in Oregon, a home that he had searched for all his life, and a home that he was not about to leave due to tough economic times. Since that drawing, over 130,000 stickers have been distributed and Heart In Oregon has become the symbol of the people of Oregon and their pioneering spirit.

Chris’ dream has now evolved from simple survival to making the world a better place and to help Oregon by helping other regions build their own communities. His company is doing this by introducing “Heart In ” stickers to all states, supporting local non-profits with a portion of the proceeds and reaching out to people in these communities by listening to and documenting the stories of why they love their home. originated from a simple drawing on a napkin and one man’s love for his home. It grew to symbolize every individual’s desire to embrace his or her own community. Now our goal is to make a positive difference in the world.

From the Heart of the West, to the East, to the South, and to the North; the spirit and drive of America is alive and well, and we are determined to prove it one state at a time, one sticker at a time.

“This is my dream, a dream for a better Oregon and a better America. Together we can live this dream.”

-Christopher Bucci

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