Heart In Montana

Heart in Montana is one of my favorite heart sticker designs and is drawn as a simple figure of the state with an oversized blue heart.  Specifically, it encloses deep sky blue heart and is whopping because Montana is called “big sky country”.

 It’s one of my favorite designs because of its simplicity, the pride of the Montanans and as design flows, it is pretty conventional and adapted quickly.

It took us only two rounds to come up with the final heart in Montana design.  The shape and oversized heart was always part of our design but it was the color of blue that troubled us. In the first design the heart was “sky blue” but when it was printed, it was too pale.  We wanted a deep rich blue that looked more like the sky with whiffs if high clouds.

A few notable places I have been in Montana are: Moose’s in Kalispell: A bar where you carve your name into the table and through your peanuts on the floor. It felt great while engraving the name on it.

And between the I-90 and Lolo hot springs, we found a huge log cabin bar in the middle of a long gravel road. One Saturday night we spent few hours rocking to a cover band, dancing the night away and slamming Foster’s oil cans.

Finally, the most impressive place I have ever seen is “the going to the sun” road.  Simply put, it’s outlandish that this road was ever built. From sheer cliff walls to passable road, incredible yes?

Enjoy Montana.

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